Christian County 100 Club

The Christian County 100 Club is a not-for-profit organization that provides financial support to the surviving spouse and dependent children of law enforcement officials, firefighters, and EMS workers who lose their life in the line of duty in Christian County, Missouri.


100 clubs have formed all around the country since the first one was founded in Detroit in 1952. After the fatal shooting of a Detroit police officer, 100 community members pooled donations to help support the officer’s widow and her unborn child.

The Christian County 100 Club was founded in March of 2021 with the goal of providing support to the surviving beneficiaries of police officers, firemen, and EMS workers who lose their life in the line of duty.

Board of Directors

Sarah Bader - President

Susan Haralson - Vice President

Doug Twigger - Past President

Elan Adams - Secretary

Heather Jenkins- Treasurer

Matt Growcock

Jason Harvey

Julie Mercer

Jeff Snelling

Advisory Board

Chief Joe Campbell, Nixa PD

Sheriff Brad Cole, Christian County

Chief Jeff Lofton, Clever PD

Chief Jerett Metheny, Ozark Fire

Chief Trampus Taylor, Sparta PD

Christie Thompson, CCAD Director

Chief Lloyd Walles, Nixa Fire

Founding Members

Bill & Debi Achor

ACIS IT Solutions

Chad Astle

Ryan & Sarah Bader

Jay & Cindy Baker

Rich & Leah Callahan

Kevin & Tricia Chapman

Chilton’s Environmental Termite & Pest

Christian County Association of Fire Chiefs

Sunni Cole

Terri Copeland

Don Currence

Amy Fite

Athena Fitts

Howard & Pam Flanagan

Greg’s Mower Shop

Matt Growcock

Phillip & Whitney Guison

Kelly Hall

Susan Haralson

Caroline Harper

Jennifer Henderson

Tom Hicks

Bryan Hood

Jason Massengale Group- Keller Williams

Jenkins CPA, LLC

Vince & Laura Johnson

Jessica Kruse

Dennis & Kezia Lilly

Shawn & Tina Lucas

Anthony Manasseri

Kellie Manasseri

Karen Matthews

Julie Mercer

Jarett Metheny

Lynn & Janet Morris

Brad & Trish Pearson

Schuhbox Baked Goods, LLC

Seven Hills Veterinary Clinic

Signarama- SGF, MO

Kari Smith

Jeffrey Snelling

Brian Steele

Andrea Swope

Christie Thompson

Doug Twigger

Lloyd Walles

Steven & Johnna Ward

Kevin Wise

Patrick Witt

Xtreme Exteriors

Jim Zumo

Mailing Address: PO BOX 1093 Ozark, MO 65721
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